Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not in Homer’s Springfield

Any Simpson’s fan knows that Police Chief Clancy Wiggum has a loose association with the written law. But generally justice prevails. In his own department the chief has variously hired townspeople to help out with the work and there seems to be few employment problems. Marge was a police officer for a while and though she suffered some discrimination at the beginning she was ultimately accepted into the force. Now it seems a "matron" who works for the Springfield (the real one in Massachusetts) force believes she is being discriminated against and is looking for a lawyer to help her win "$10 million plus" for the humiliation she suffered during an as yet undisclosed workplace incident. Following the incident, the worker was sent home and replaced by a younger per diem matron. I know that in the last episode of the Simpson’s, family pet Santa’s Little Helper was recruited to the force and he too left in disgust after his hardwork in arresting a drug dealer proved fruitless because he had broken the Police Code during the arrest.

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