Monday, May 07, 2007

Health but no safety

A fine of $50,000 was levied against a fitness club last month and a further $15,000 personally to the the General Manager of the club for violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Between July 21, 2005 and January 18, 2006, the Ministry of Labour
conducted a series of health and safety inspections at Premier Fitness at
theYorkdale Shopping Centre at 3401 Dufferin Street in Toronto. During the
sixmonths of inspections the ministry issued dozens of orders under the act for
numerous violations involving such things as personal protective equipment,
hazardous chemicals labelling and a requirement for a workplace Joint Health and
Safety Committee. The club failed to comply with most of the orders,forcing the
ministry to issue stop work orders in some cases in an effort toachieve
compliance. When the club continued to disregard the orders, theministry laid

Many employers don't realize the the Occupational Health and Safety Act applies to almost all employers in Ontario -- not just those we most often associate with safety risks, the industrial plants, construction, railways etc. Offices, retail stores, and yes, fitness clubs all must comply with the Act.

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