Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ding Dong the Witz is Gone

Ding dong the Witz is gone, the Wolfowitz, Paul Wolfowitz. Ding dong Paul Wolfowitz is gone.

One assumes that that World Bank employees will be singing that refrain or something similar as their campaign to "fire their boss" (see my posts "Mutiny" and "Blue Ribbon" below, ) seems to have taken hold. Bank president Paul Wolfowitz announced last week that he would step down at the end of June. In its report, the CBC notes:

His personal role in cutting off bank funds to allegedly corrupt African
governments opened him to charges of hypocrisy, on top of a conflict of interest
when his role emerged in getting his girlfriend a big pay raise and a new job.
His resignation letter says he'll leave office at the end of June, but his
enemies can be expected to keep up the pressure for an earlier, more humiliating
departure date.

One expects that his enemies' intentions notwithstanding, the 63 year old Wolfowitz, who has had a long and exceptional career in government and academia, will land on his feet somewhere on the World's stage.

And let us remember that we are not in Kansas anymore.

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