Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Go Ask Alice

One pill makes you Larger
And one Pill Makes You small

Prescriptions to those Alice in Wonderland pills seem to be needed in the workplace when it comes to breast size. Madison Square Gardens was in need of the larger pills when they allegedly required their New York Ranger cheerleaders to stuff their bras. Courtney Prince, one of a dozen skating cheerleaders, alleged in an $800,000 discrimination suit that in addition to padded bras, the Rangers required that they wear fake eyelashes, hairpieces and that they lose weight when required.

A German real estate brokerage, on the other hand needs the pills to make you smaller, when they apparently fired a real estate agent whose breasts were too large. “Annina Ulrich, 29, says her boss told her that her breast implants were not an asset and were damaging the company's image. Annina, who also works as a model, has admitted she is "addicted" to breast surgery which has increased her breasts to a massive 42 H cup.”

In Ontario, focus on breast size for employment purposes would clearly be an issue of discrimination given that it is based on a prohibited ground in the Human Rights Code. One could classify it in one of several ways: It might be sex discrimination, i.e. applying only to women, sexual harassment, that is, the employer’s conduct is of a sexual nature, or potentially even based on disability.

What employer’s do in practice, of course, is as well described by the end of the Jefferson Airplane song (where the opening lines of this post come from) Go Ask Alice:

When Logic and Proportion
Have Fallen So I’ll be Dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen’s on her head
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed Your Head

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