Friday, April 27, 2007

Sex with the Judge

In Douglas County, Colorado, a 29 year old female prosecutor, Laurie Steinman, was fired December 22nd for having sex with a Judge, 57 year old Grafton Biddle, who resigned on December 18th. The relationship came to light when Biddle’s 4th wife wrote to the chief judge. Apparently, they were having sex in his chambers and in the showers in the womens’ locker room. The Attorney Regulation Council filed complaints against the two last Friday. Both now face disciplinary sanction up to disbarment in addition to losing their jobs. (

While, Boston Legal’s, Denny Crane (William Shatner) is not likely to fire his partner Alan Shore (James Spader) whose tryst with a judge, also in Chambers, was revealed in the courtroom during a motion, perhaps we can expect the State Bar to take action against them too. The judge found against Shore’s client. Interestingly, one of the trysts in the Biddle/Steinman affair occurred while he was mentoring her on a case she lost. One concludes that it is not good for the win record to sleep with the judge.

In the same episode, Denny Crane found himself hot water similar to that of Imus when during an employment interview Crane told the candidate that he was articulate. When pressed, Crane said, "you don’t sound black". The partnership immediately convened a meeting to vote on dismissing Crane. The press were all over it, and firm partner, Shirley Schmidt (Candace Bergen), blamed white corporate america, the firm’s client base, for wanting their lawyers to sound like themselves. In other words she put Crane's comments into context.

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